Phones will be jingling
Send warm holiday greetings to all who call you!
Reach many people for the cost of a latte'!
For the cost of a single Latte!

Holidays and hold buttons go hand-in-hand. That's when you typically receive a lot of phone calls, and consequently, customers spend more time on-hold than any other time of year.

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Ho Ho Ho your holidays

…with ADS-ON-HOLD® this holiday season for as low as $1.89 a day! Or, add specially recorded customer testimonials for only a quarter more!

  • Consider all the time callers spend on hold: 100’s—maybe 1,000’s of customer hours each year?

  • What is all of this customer time worth to your business?

  • How much would it cost to reach these valuable people by any other means?

  • Think of how much money you’ve already spent—just to get them to call you in the first place!

  • Are you selling enough product or service to them now? Could you increase that number?

  • Are you effectively selling everyone who calls you, or do some callers hang-up and never call back?

  • Put this valuable caller time to work for you! It’s yours to use, not to waste.

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    ADS-ON-HOLD®, the Perfect Point-of-Purchase advertising medium, is ideal to:

  • Promote your products and services.

  • Boost your company brand image.

  • Reassure callers that their call really is important. Really.

  • Put callers in a better frame of mind, prior to taking their call.

  • Suggest new products and services while they’re waiting.

  • Share relevant information that can potentially raise their comfort level.

  • Answer frequently asked questions.

  • Remind callers of all the reasons they chose to call your company in the first place!

  • All of these can be accomplished exceedingly well with ADS-ON-HOLD®. Increase your holiday sales, and help grow your business well into the New Year!

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    Remember, your callers are your competitors' #1 prospect!

    Your competition is working hard—right now—to steal that business away from you. Are you doing enough to prevent this from happening? For over 30 years, ADS-ON-HOLD® has proven itself effective at reinforcing the sale and planting the seeds for new business. "During an economic downturn, when it may be harder to attract new business, your best bet is to entice more from customers already calling you!"

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    Another first from ADS-ON-HOLD

    To make subscribing easy, ADS-ON-HOLD® has unveiled the industry's first truly unlimited length package of on-hold messages.

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    Don't hold back!

    With prices starting at less than $2 a day, subscribers can put their share of American's Largest Listening Audience™ to work for them. Order your company's ADS-ON-HOLD® Unlimited Length Subscription now, in time for the holidays!

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