ADS-ON-HOLD® celebrates 30 years on-hold!

The perfect point-of-purchase medium is ideal for:

  • Suggesting new products and services that your company currently or will provide.

  • Preparing callers with valuable information before being greeted by your telephone representative.

  • Reminding callers of the reasons they chose to call your company in the first place.

Remember, your callers are you competitors' #1 prospects. They're working hard - right now - to gain that business from you. Are you doing enough to prevent this from happening? For 30 years, ADS-ON-HOLD® has proven itself effective at reinforcing the sale, as well as planting seeds for new business.

"During an economic downturn, when it may be harder to attract new business, your best bet is to entice more from customers already calling you!"

To make subscribing easy, ADS-ON-HOLD® has unveiled the industry's first truly unlimited length* package of on-hold messages.

"Don't Hold Back - Say All You Want!"

With prices starting at $59/month*, subscribers can put their share of "American's Largest Listening Audience™!" to work for them.

THIS YEAR..take advantage of our 30th anniversary special, 30 months for $30/month**

Order your company's ADS-ON-HOLD® Unlimited Length Subscription now - before it's too late!

ADS-ON-HOLD® offers Unlimited Length productions, played on an extended memory flash player. Each time we record a new script for you, there is absolutely no maximum length time restriction. You receive new productions instantly by e-mail. No more waiting for the postman to arrive!

With each new recording, you have the option to replace only those messages whose offers may be expiring. Keep as many usable messages in your rotation as you would like. With each new production you receive, your message rotation grows larger.

It's truly unlimited!

Even frequent, repeat callers will wonder how they rarely hear the same message twice! No longer will you be plagued with constant message repetition!



Holdtime Analysis™

Consider the time callers spend on hold?

  • What is all of this customer time worth to your business?

  • Think of how much effort and money you spend to get them to call you in the first place!.

  • How much does this time add up throughout the day, month, and year?
  • Suggesting new products and services that your company currently or will provide.

  • Put this valuable caller time to work for you!

Use this valuable time to:

  • Promote your products and services.

  • Boost the image of your company.

  • Reassure callers that they are important.

  • Put callers in a better frame of mind prior to taking their call.

All of these can potentially increase sales and help grow your business.

How to get started!

Select the program that suits you best:

  • Production length: 4 to 20 minutes.

  • Frequency or updates: 1 to 6 per year.

Leave the rest to us! Your ADS-ON-HOLD® is fully managed, turnkey service. It's our job to keep it running worry-free and sounding good.

Get a no-cost Holdtime Analysis™!
Heralded as the only service that measures the customer's production needs, virtually eliminating excessive message repetition.

Base your program selection on an estimate of daily call traffic, and what will be needed to keep it sounding fresh and new to frequent, repeat callers (rather than sounding stale and repetitive.)

Or, ask us for ADS-ON-HOLD®'s new Unlimited Length production. Don't Hold Back—Say All You Want!™

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Anniversary Special! 30 months at $30/month*
boxpic 1 Unlimited Length Production per year (2 total) in a 24-month subscription.

Licensed Jazz Legends holiday music through January 2013.

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