Something Special for

Someone Special

A creatively customized cake brings fun to any occasion. Moist cake with special decoration looks and tastes delightful.

Specialty Items

E#100:  From the Beginning

Celebrate the beginning of a life story with a book cake.


E#101:  Blessing in Disguise

Show your love and appreciation with a book as a cake.


E#102:  Bugged

Catch a ladybug cake for your little one's birthday.


E#103:  Big Cupcake for a Big Day!

Bigger makes it better or at least more fun. Have a gigantic cupcake to celebrate! Wedding cake pricing applies and depends on size.


E#104:  Clowning Around

This clown head cake is both edible and entertaining.




E#105:  A Head Above the Rest

Celebrate or congatulate those to whom honor is due with a head cake. Customer may specify color and male or female with short, straight hair. A specific person is not an option.

E#106:  All "Dolled" Up

Barbie is ready to party!  Customers are encouraged to bring their own Barbie but we can also provide one.


E#107:  DOLL-icious

A Barbie cake tastes as good as she looks. We encourage customers to bring their own Barbie but we can also provide one.

E#108:  Cheers

Eat cake, drink bubbly, and be merry. Customer supplies wine or liquor bottle, full or empty.