The Allegheny Mountain System© Features

Why Trane |  Allegheny Mountain System | Comfort Specialist Program 

The Allegheny Mountain Systemę was designed to with the following features to provide you with the Ideal Home Environment.

  • Hybrid dual fuel system to take advantage of the lowest cost per BTU to heat when  electric, oil and natural gas prices fluctuate.

  • Variable speed fan to constantly and efficiently move air through out your home to  maximize whole house comfort and air cleaning.

  • Most technically advanced and environmentally sound R-410A refrigerant.

  • Two stage electric, natural gas or oil heating capability to provide the most efficient  comfort.

  • Two stage electric cooling to provide the most efficient cooling comfort.

  • CleanEffects™ 99.98% efficient air cleaning at .1 microns.

  • FreshEffects™ Energy Recovery Ventilator to replace stale air with fresh air.

  • Trane’s unique “Comfort R™“ fan speed technology to dehumidify during hot humid  days.

  • Trane’s power humidifyer to add moisture during the cold dry days of winter.

  • Easy to operate and easy to read digital comfort controls.

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