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imageCombining the power of radio with the flexibility of the phone! Voter'sVoice® can effectively amplify the traditional election campaign "phone bank" by thousands!

TeleBranding™ your candidacy or referendum adds instant credibility!  Voter'sVoice® utilizes the professional quality of VoiceTrax® by Advertel with every call, while your opponents' strategy utilizes just plain old phone calls.

With Voter'sVoice® on your team, your telephone campaign can do so much more!

Voter's Voice® uses a sophisticated telephone interactive voice response system with many robost, state-of-the-art features. Your inbound/outbound campaign can contain a wide variety of features in the presentation of your candidate's platform, or in the solicition of caller feedback to your campaign:


This major marvel of modern technology can effectively amplify the traditional campaign "phone bank" by thousands! 

Using professionally structured TeleBranding™ scripts by Advertel, and the seasoned voice talent of VoiceTrax®, your campaign information can be delivered to interested voters with 100% control—accurately targeted—and total quality assurance!  Try that with your volunteer phone bank!

Voter's Voice® never gets distracted nor discouraged at negative caller responses.  Every call is delivered in a bright, positive demeanor—the last, exactly as good as the first!


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Introductory Campaign:

— 5,000 —
ONLY $750!*

"Volunteers Talk to Voters,
Not Answering Machines!™"

*Ask us for details.


  • Voter's Voice® Inbound "Hotline" Strategy

    Generate inbound telephone inquiries to your platform.  Whether your campaign strategy includes television, radio, print advertising, or just yard signs, offering a tollfree or local hotline for voters to learn more about your platform, or to register their opinion, offers your best chance of generating widespread interest.

    Callers immediately respond to hotlines—moments after they've heard or seen your ad.  Ad campaigns typically end with:

    "To learn more—or register your opinion, call the 24-hour (Candidate Name) Hotline, at 1-800-XXX-XXXX."

    They'll call, even if just out of curiosity. It's our job to convert that curiosity into genuine interest.  Advertel will work with your campaign staff to develop the most cost effective means of generating inbound response, and the best way to structure call content.  

    Voters'Voice®—Inbound hotlines professionally answer all incoming calls 24-hours a day, 7 days a week...with 100% accuracy and control!  

    While, outbound-only campaigns are limited to making calls 9AM-9PM (M-F) and 12N-6PM (Sat/Sun.)  And, you're limited even further when you consider the average active lifestyle and work schedule.  Rarely, do you find voters at home during these hours.  And if you do, your call interrupts dinner, a family project, or favorite television program.

    Make Voter'sVoice®—Inbound an integral part of your telephone campaign. It assures callers will hear and react to your message!

    Many candidates dedicate a portion of their campaign to promote voter registration—and to inspire registered voters to go out and vote!

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  • Voter's Voice® Outbound Strategy

    Use Voter'sVoice® to direct all your outbound phone calls!

    Selectively call constituents from a list, at home, during the hours of 9AM to 9PM (M-F), and N-4PM (Sat-Sun.)  Persuade callers to accept the call by suggesting they're personally receiving a call from your candidate:

    "I have an important call for you from (candidate) running for (position). Press [1] to take the call..."

    After callers press [1], that's when the call really comes alive!  You can either mandate certain messages, or allow the caller choose from a menu.  We're only limited as time, creativity, and budget will allow.

    Hear a working prototype of Voter'sVoice®—Outbound right now!

    Call 1-888-ADVERTEL (238-3783), ext 1208.

    If callers prefer to speak directly to a live person, they can be seamlessly transferred to your campaign's live phone bank.  For off-hour transfer requests, callers will be prompted to leave a message for a volunteer to call them back.

    This way, "Volunteers Talk to Voters, Not Answering Machines!™"

    Many candidates dedicate a portion of their campaign to promote voter registration—and to inspire registered voters to go out and vote!

Ask us for details.


  • Caller Soundbite Retrieval

    Collect constituent feedback!  Use it in your other planned advertising.  Update it frequently.  Make your candidacy sound dynamically in tune with voters!  Or, simply collect it for marketing and polling purposes.

    Structure your Voters'Voice® to solicit constituent comments:

    "(Candidate's name), I totally support your ideas on (issue)..."

    How valuable is that! directing your campaign strategy!  Not only does it take the voters' pulse, it develops a reusable collection of really cool soundbites!

    Constituent soundbites are great for radio/TV commercials—and your website!

Ask us for details.


  • Up-to-the-Minute Polling

    Is your campaign strategy still on track?  

    Do you need to respond to sudden changes in your marketplace?  Is your opponent slinging mud, to which you need to offer a verbal defense?

    These questions and more are easily answered with a quick analysis of your hotline responses.  Then, when you respond to the media, you're armed with usable voter soundbites that justify your position.  Once again, your candicacy sounds like it listens to—and responds to constituents.  And, it sounds like the people are all backing 'you,' not your opponent.

Ask us for details.


  • Radio Campaign Integration

    The power of the spoken word!

    Radio stations would have you believe that "word of mouth" travels fastest—and they're right.  So, it helps to also have the loudest voice—which is what you get when your campaign strategy includes radio.

    But, what if you combined that with the ability to change your campaign message as easily as making a phone call? Advertel can electronically supply radio stations with up-to-the-minute actuaries—quickly and easily from one central location.

    So, whether these supplements take the form of caller comments, campaign strategy twists, celebrity endorsements, or the comments by the candidate—him/herself, Advertel can provide the central conduit that manages them all!

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  • Website Integration

    We've always said, the telephone is "The Original Internet!™  

    Perhaps this is why Advertel is perfectly poised to manage your candidate's election short-term website, in conjunction with your Voter's Voice® "phone" site.  Low cost, yet fully featured, these websites are perfect for local election campaigns where the budget may be limited, but needs dictate that your candidate looks good!
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  • Price Match Guarantee

    We simply cannot be undersold!  

    Even though we know our competitors can't exactly match what we offer, we know they're gonna try.  If, at anytime, you feel you can get a comparable product or service for less money somewhere else, let us know.  We'll explain the difference or immediately match their price.  In some cases, we may already offer a lower price!

Ask us for details.


sounds on the phone!

Call 1-888-ADVERTEL
(238-3783), ext. 1208



Order VOTER'S VOICE® along with a custom Advertel website!


Advertel Web Design
Integrate your Voter's Voice® campaign with a custom designed website. Web packages start at just $1,500.  Caller comments collected on Voter's Voice can be edited and placed on your Advertel website for all to hear!

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"Combining the Power of Radio with the Flexibility of the Phone! "



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