Rated highest in the nation, ADS-ON-HOLD® is celebrating its 25th anniversary!  We're one of the first on-hold programs to emerge on the national market.

25 WAYS TO SAVE!  Check out all the ways you can save during our anniversary celebration...or significantly add to the value of your on-hold program—at no extra charge:

25. NO PAYMENT UNTIL 2008! corporate identity, on-hold, telecom, branding, IVR, ACD, Voice-over, music and messages, auto-attendant, telephone systems, business phone systems, VOIP, VRU, magic on-hold, telephonetics, muzak, messages on hold network, please hold, hold, ads-on-hold, ads on hold, messages on hold, commercials on hold, digital messaging, on hold america, power on hold, melodyline, commercial voice overs, intellitouch, bogen, premier technologies, easy on hold, on hold plus, on hold advantage, impressions on hold, on hold concepts, ad on hold, music on hold, on hold business, sold on hold, never alone on hold, on hold machine, on hold company, original on hold company, marksolu, talkswitch, on hold productions, royalty free music, iosonhold, earglue, buyerzone, minds on hold, ohmc, aaa on hold, on hold marketing, marketing, marketing messages, marketing on hold usa, ad hold, adhold, gm voices, worldly voices, AFTRA, SAG, ACTRA, talent, ASCAP, BMI, phone, telephone, business phone, free, hotline, tollfree, telephone consulting, call center, callcenter, telesolutions, teladvantage, toshiba, att, intertel, interhold, prodigital, prodigitalmfg, pro digital manufacturing, metasound, meta sound, studio-in-a-box, voice tracks, voicetrax, telebranding, automatt, feedbax, feedback, feedbacks, feed back, customer survey, survey, customer response, response, iso, customer service, badphone, goodphone, telephone industry, phone industry, connection, dial, waiting, KSU, telephony, CTI, NEC, panasonic, merlin, spirit phone, smart phone, esi, executone, partner, digital announcer, recording, corporateidentity, onhold, tele-com, I-V-R, A-C-D, Voiceover, musicandmessages, autoattendant, telephonesystems, businessphonesystems, V-O-I-P, V-R-U, magiconhold, tele-phonetics, mu-zak, messagesonholdnetwork, pleasehold, adsonhold, messagesonhold, commercialsonhold, digitalmessaging, onholdamerica, poweronhold, melody line, commercialvoiceovers, intelli-touch, premiertechnologies, easyonhold, onholdplus, onholdadvantage, impressionsonhold, onholdconcepts, adonhold, musiconhold, onholdbusiness, soldonhold, neveraloneonhold, onholdmachine, onholdcompany, originalonholdcompany, mark-solu, talk switch, onholdproductions, royaltyfreemusic, ios-on-hold, ear glue, buyer zone, mindsonhold, o-h-m-c, aaaonhold, onholdmarketing, marketingmessages, marketingonholdusa, adhold, ad-hold, gmvoices, worldlyvoices, A-F-T-R-A, S-A-G, A-C-T-R-A, A-S-C-A-P, B-M-I, tele-phone, businessphone, hot-line, toll free, telephoneconsulting, callcenter, call-center, tele-solutions, tel-advantage, a-t-t, inter tel, inter hold, pro digital, prodigital mfg, prodigitalmanufacturing, studioinabox, voicetracks, voice trax, tele-branding, auto matt, feed bax, feed back, feed backs, feedback, customersurvey, customerresponse, i-s-o, customerservice, bad phone, good phone, telephoneindustry, phoneindustry, K-S-U, tele-phony, C-T-I, N-E-C, spiritphone, smartphone, e-s-i, exec-u-tone, digitalannouncer

Much is being planned for our anniversary celebration, scheduled to run now through 2008.

Keep checking back for more!


1. SPECIAL 25TH ANNIVERSARY "THANK YOU" GIFT - No celebration is complete without gifts! With every new paid ADS-ON-HOLD® subscription, Advertel will send a special gift to you in celebration of our 25th anniversary. Accept it for yourself as our thanks for being so supportive of us throughout our 25-year history, or feel free to pass it along to a friend, co-worker, or customer.

2. "I HEAR VOICES™" 25th ANNIVERSARY CONTEST - Participate in our 25th anniversary celebration sweepstakes, "I Hear Voices!" (25-hundred prizes in our "Silver Treasure Chest," callers text-to-win!) Callers, subscribers, CSR's and resellers will all benefit from this exciting giveaway. Subscriber chooses when to run the promotion on his/her ADS-ON-HOLD®, anytime in 2008. Prize giveaways include vacation packages, many worth over $1,000 each!

3. PRODUCT/SERVICE EXPOSURE - Inclusion of your company's prizes/giveaways in our "I Hear Voices™" Silver Treasure Chest. Make sure your company's products/services are represented in our great 25-hundred prize giveaway! Minimum 25 prizes per participating subscriber. Advertel will control where and to whom prizes are distributed to be sure competitive prizes are not awarded to your customers.

4. FREE ADS-ON-HOLD® FLASH PLAYER UPGRADE - Flash player upgrade FREE with minimum 2-year subscription. This exciting new player provides the longest length cepacity ever before introduced to the on-hold medium! Flash technology not only offers greater capacity, it allows us to eliminate production shipping/handling charges completely! You'll receive new productions instantly by

5. NEW ADS-ON-HOLD® UNLIMITED LENGTH FORMAT - "Don't Hold Back, Say All You Want!" Unlimited Length ADS-ON-HOLD® production (requires Flash player upgrade listed above). Never again will you run out of room to say what you want. Plus, for messages that have no "expiration," allow them to remain in the rotation without alteration. That way, with every new production you receive, you continue to build on your message content, never to be concerned about excessive message repetition ever again!

6. EXCLUSIVE ADS-ON-HOLiDay™ PRODUCTION FEATURING MUSIC OF 'A CHARLIE BROWN CHRISTMAS.'   (Click here or the CD art image to hear a music sample.) - Special holiday production, featuring the timeless holiday music of Vince Guaraldi from "A Charlie Brown Christmas,' as well as commentary from Peanuts Gang® Executive Producer, Lee Mendelson. The love for Charlie Brown spans several generations!  Used by permission, no other on-hold vendor is authorized to use this memorable music.

7. "HOLD MAGAZINE®" 25th ANNIVERSARY EDITION - "Legends in our time!" (ideal for Unlimited Length Subscribers) This special edition of Hold Magazine®, a feature ADS-ON-HOLD® began producing in the early 1990's, will feature candid and timeless interviews with national celebrities gone by. Expect to hear from such greats as Johnny Cash, Eddie Rabbit and more. Also, new interviews with the co-producers of Fred Rogers ("Mr. Rogers Neighborhood"), Charles Schults (Peanuts Gang®), and others whose legacies will long outlive their founders. Use this exciting full-length feature, or just a portion, to add prestige and color to your next ADS-ON-HOLD® production. It'll be a real attention getter!

8. ADS-ON-HOLD® HOLDGEMS® - Special 25th anniversary introduction of ADS-ON-HOLD® "HoldGems®." If you're having difficulty coming up with content to freshen your ADS-ON-HOLD® production, we've got the answer! HoldGems® is an impressive collection of audio vignettes specially made to attract caller attention to your on-hold message. Then, after you've got 'em listening, we insert your ad message: "Now this..." Choose from movie trailers to Hold Magazine® segments, to FeedBax® commentary, to HoldTeasers® "Fun" Trivia. More HoldGems® added every month! Sign up for our new quarterly e-newsletter. You'll receive a copy of the latest HoldGems® automatically.

9. 25TH ANNIVERSARY MUSIC COLLECTION - Special 25th anniversary music library collection. New music delivered every month! (Unlimited length subscribers only) One good thing about providing on-hold programs since 1983... we've got an impressive library of music! So, exclusive for our 25th anniversary year, we're releasing the "Best of..." music series. Each month, we'll feature one of our most popular music genres, with a collection of the best songs in each. All Unlimited Length subscribers will automatically receive the monthly selection by e-mail. They can either choose to add these musical selections to their production, or archive them for later use. Then, at the end of the anniversary year, "you'll" have an impressive collection of music, too!

10. FREE VANITY PHONE NUMBER/URL DOMAIN SEARCH - FREE Tollfree and/or local “vanity” phone number and URL domain search. There’s nothing more impressive than to see a company with matching vanity tollfree number and website domain! (i.e., 1-888-ADVERTEL and Advertel is willing to do the research for you at no charge or obligation! If you like what we find, all you need to implement your new identity, is allow Advertel to provide the systems integration on which they will reside. We want you to know how Advertel’s new systems integration of phone and website can really make a difference in your business!

11. 25-MONTH ADS-ON-HOLD® SUBSCRIPTION - New 2-year ADS-ON-HOLD® subscribers get 25 months. It all adds up! There’s no better way to celebrate your 25th anniversary than to give away an extra month for free! Plus, your savings doesn’t end when the celebration is over. With an “auto-renewal,’ you will continue to receive 25 months at the same price as 24 for as long as you’re a subscriber, and as long as you elect to auto-renew.

12. 25% FIRST YEAR ADS-ON-HOLD® DISCOUNT - 25% minimum discount, first year, for 2+ year subscription. Rarely does a number carry so much weight. But, for us, 2008 represents a landmark year and the number “25” holds great meaning. Therefore, we’d like to join all new ADS-ON-HOLD® subscribers in the celebration by awarding at least a 25% off our published rate card for 2008 for the first year, with a minimum 2-year subscription. For multi-location or multi-program subscribers, you will be entitled to receive the highest eligible discount for your first year, minimum 25%. Subsequent years are charged at prevailing rates, less any other applicable discounts.

13. 2.5% EARLY/ADVANCE PAYMENT DISCOUNT - 2.5% early/advance payment discount instead of customary 2.0%. We so appreciate when subscribers pay early or in advance. We normally reward this with a 2% additional discount. In honor of our 25th anniversary, we’re pumping that up to 2.5% as our way of saying, “Thanks again for 25 great years!”

14. FEEDBAX® 3-MONTH FREE TRIAL - Here’s your chance to try our nationally acclaimed customer satisfaction survey system for free! You will be assigned a special FeedBax® phone number to give to your customers. Give it to them on the way out your door, at the end of your phone call, or on your ADS-ON-HOLD®. When they call your special FeedBax®a number, they’ll be prompted to answer questions you need to know! (Ask about our new FeedBax® On-Site for local Western PA subscribers only.)

15. NEW TELEBRANDING™ COMBO SAVINGS - 25% minimum discount on Advertel TeleBranding services. Typically we reward ADS-ON-HOLD® subscribers with a 15% discount off additional program, i.e,, VoiceTrax®, FeedBax®, etc.. That is, if they subscribe to both ADS-ON-HOLD® and at least one other TeleBranding service. For this special celebration, we’re increasing your savings on all additional TeleBranding services to a minimum of 25% throughout 2008!

16. PHONE /WEB INTEGRATION - Website audio link with special edited podcast version of your production. Only $25 per production. Bring your company into the podcasting craze! For only $25, Advertel will edit a special version of your production and include a button link for your website, so your customers will be able to listen while surfing! We house the audio file on our server AND develop the player for you. All you need to do is link to it!

17. NEW PODCAST PLACEMENT - Placement of your edited
ADS-ON-HOLD® production on up to 3 major podcasting websites. Only $25 per production. Advertel will place your professionally-produced podcast on 3 major podcasting archives (like and for you, increasing your internet exposure!

18. ADVERTELWEB® COMBO SERVICES - 25% minimum discount on AdvertelWeb® services. All customers will receive a 25% discount off of Advertel’s CompleteWeb™ package, which includes development of a 5 to 8 page HTML website, Flash banner ads, graphic identity services for your company, domain name registration, and exclusive Webmaster services for one year. We can design, post, and maintain your site for you!

19. ADVERTEL COMPLETEWEB™ DISCOUNT - The first 25 Advertel’s CompleteWeb™ subscribers will receive a special $250 gift certificate towards any ADS-ON-HOLD® subscription! The CompleteWeb™ package includes development of a 5 to 8 page HTML website, Flash banner ads, graphic identity services for your company, domain name registration, and exclusive Webmaster services for one year. We can design, post, and maintain your site for you!

20. SPECIAL WEBSITE ANALYSIS - Special website visual analysis, exclusively for ADS-ON-HOLD® subscribers. If your company signs up for ADS-ON-HOLD® services with Advertel, our web design team will gladly review your homepage. We’ll offer a special analysis of how our web services could benefit your site, including design services and search engine optimization!

21. NEW WEB LINKS - 25th anniversary acknowledgement (plus logo link) on All customers will receive a special logo link on, linking to your site as a thank you for celebrating our 25th Anniversary with us! This is a great opportunity to generate exposure for your company among Advertel’s multitude of clients. This will likely also enable you to get better search engine position! Ask us for more details.

22. 25-WEEK EXPOSURE ON ADVERTEL AFFILIATE SITES - 25-week exposure on Advertel affiliate websites. Advertel can run links for your company on an Advertel-affiliated website for a 25-week period! This is a great opportunity to generate exposure for your company among Advertel’s multitude of clients! This will likely also enable you to get better search engine position! List provided upon request. Ask us for more details.

23. INTRODUCING ADS-ON-FM® - Put your ADS…ON-FM!  For only $25/month (special anniversary pricing), you will receive a low-power ADS-ON-FM® transmitter to connect to the output of your ADS-ON-HOLD® player. FCC compliant, you can continually broadcast your company’s ad messages to visitors, passers-by and local neighbors!

24. 25-DAY DEFERRED BILLING - 25-day deferred billing (with credit card purchase.) With the 25th anniversary celebration, new subscribers will have absolutely no charges due for 25-days. This will give all customers a chance to sample our handiwork, even before their first payment is due. A credit card must be placed with us but will not be charged until day #26.

25. NO PAYMENT UNTIL 2008 - No payment until 2008 with our NEW monthly payment plan. ($1K minimum) Subscribe today, but draw from next year’s budget. No money down! Then, make easy monthly payments over the course of your subscription. See for more details.


A genuine ADS-ON-HOLD® Total System Subscription provides everything you need to create a professional, entertaining, on-hold program. Ideal for those who demand the highest level of service! At just pennies a call—or less, having an ADS-ON-HOLD® subscription is typically your most cost-effective advertising buy!

Our average subscriber has been with us for more than 15-years! But, those with a genuine ADS-ON-HOLD® subscription during our landmark 25th anniversary celebration will benefit more than ever! Here's your chance to get in on all the action!

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ADS-ON-HOLD's 25th Anniversary Party

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